A lot of cost are in implementation! If you have been through an ERP on boarding you'll understand... If not i suggest some serious youtube time and look at it from their perspective. Insist on full time keeping and only pay on that reporting. Be clear on fail points so that you can get out before you lose the farm! I don't know them but i hear good things. A system can be amazing and solve the problem but poor implementation can sink it and render the best systems useless.

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I am a little biased here because I am currently an Acumatica consultant. I worked many years in the Microsoft Dynamics space and just recently made a switch in January to invest in my career for the long haul. I can definitely say the platform is solid, versatile and continuously evolving. The community is enthusiastic which is very important if you want to maximize your investment. I am very happy I made the jump and it really is fun software to work with because it is so flexible and open. Good luck with your selection process and if you have any direct questions feel free to reach out.

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I work for a company that works with Acumatica, NetSuite, and Sage. I have never heard of BrightPearl. There is a big push from our Sage base moving to Acumatica, it does seem to be the desired solution. I also used to be in the Microsoft Dynamics space, and they too were losing a lot of deals to Acumatica. It just seems to be the best solution for the price that includes a bulk of needed features and modules within 1 ERP system and less 3rd party solutions.

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That kind of business are you and what is the goal of your ERP?

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We haven't used Acumatica yet, but we can vouch for NetSuite as a logical upgrade from QuickBooks for eCommerce and inventory management. On the other end, we recommend against Dynamics 365 Business Central, but you don't seem to consider it.

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* never listen to "we can integrate everything" -- they can't * never take hourly cost. only project * ask for price guarantee (it's rare, but we do it at naologic erp) ​ If you go with Acumatica, make sure the customization you need are minor, otherwise the cost will skyrocket. Don't aim to integrate everything, it won't happen

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Absolutely - I have been an Acumatica Consultant since 2015 here in South Africa and it has been growing in our market.

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