Asana, and its Shortcomings (Experience with Frogbugz, Trello, and Wrike). I lost love with it quickly.    

First, Asana is great at a glance. It seems hip, love the UI, tagging, labeling, etc. Easy to have Conversations, Lists, and Boards (trello style). All great. But where it derails is the details: 1) Reporting is terrible. "Whats open, whats closed, whats due" sounds good for a 3 man band, terrible for 6 distributed teams and departments. 2) SLOW - at first it seems fast, but seeing the webapp spin up every time is making me want to die. Click on a link to see a post, convo, etc, minutes a day wasted waiting for intitial load. No Caching, but to be fair its fast when going. 3) No hirearchy. Projects have their own little areas. No parent / Children 4) Gantt? Forgetabout it. Their best solution: link to a company selling a service to make asana work for you 5) Prioritize / Score / Rank? (scrum style) - nope 6) Track performance of people adhering to deadlines, or missing them - Nope Its an amazing and affordable tool for a combo of "trello + email + lists" - but it is NOT for multiple departments and complicated processes. It can NOT easily thread Business goals -> projects -> tasks; and also find a way to fit in bugs. It lacks a "today" type swimlane on a global scale, and dashboards must be created for all projects. Q: Does anyone have a good suggestion for something better? Tl;dr: Asana seems great for SIMPLE needs and small shops, bad for big teams.    

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Personally I don't think it even works that well for small shops. I got excited when I initially played with it because it seemed to do both lists and boards, but it was pretty crap at hopping between the two & I don't want to have to maintain a "list" project and a "board" project to track the same thing. I believe you can prioritize with numbers, but it doesn't auto sort.

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I would love to hear suggestions, too- great thread and features (wish-) list!

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Have you tried Basecamp? https://basecamp.com/

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