Backblaze. Worth it? Safe?    

As a very new gold member I've been having a look through the gold benefits, and am intrigued by the Backblaze offer (since I have been "meaning to get around to" setting up an offsite backup for ages. But I have a couple of questions not really covered by their FAQ. Can someone tell me: * How secure is it? To what extent can I trust the service? Their client has admin right to my entire drive, obviously, how well do people trust them? * Can I limit the amount of bandwidth it uses? I only get 100gb per month, I don;t want BB to burn through my allowance trying to upload everything in the initial backup all as quickly as it can. * In a similar manner to the previous querstion: They seem very proud of the fact that I don;t have to specify what to back up and what to ignore, but what if I WANT to specify it, can I? I may want to exclude some *ahem* certain files I wouldn;t want anyone else to see, and I may want to include certain file types like zips that may not be otherwise included (but not ALL zips - how configurable is it?)    

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here's what 99.9% of people miss about backblaze: it is not a backup solution but a mirroring solution. what do I mean by that? simply that backblaze will mirror or copy whatever is on your hard drive and then back that up to their cloud servers. wait, isn't that the same thing as backup? No. Here's why. Let's say you mistakenly erase a file on your hard drive. Maybe its a picture, maybe it is an important spreadsheet, whatever it is. You mistakenly erase it. And you don't notice until you really really need that file. Well, if it has been more than 30 days since you mistakenly erased that file, you can kiss it goodbye forever because Backblaze will have **also erased that file from their "backup" cloud servers**. So is this a big deal? Well, maybe for you it isn't, in which case, forget about it. But for many other people this is a HUGE dealbreaker. **Most importantly, this is not the default behavior of backup.** Most reputable backup solutions that give you "unlimited" also give you unlimited versioning. Which means if you erase a file on your HD by mistake, a copy of that is still kept on the backup server. And if you change the file, a previous version of that file is also kept on their server, etc. I've contacted backblaze about this along with many other clients and potential clients. Their official stance is that they are a "mirroring" service not backup. Not making this up! Why take this position? Again, the official response from backblaze is that the 30 day limit on revisions is to prevent "abuse" of their service. **They feel that if they don't have this 30 day limit, people will upload data and then erase it from their HDDs and use backblaze as an 'archive'.** This is straight from them btw. Personally I can't understand that at all. After all, it is either "unlimited" or it isn't. It is either backup or it isn't. I've done a lot of research on this and read quite a lot of reviews and after all that concluded that for me, SOS backup online is the best solution. I read reviews, checked out their site, contacted them and asked lots of questions not just to get info but to test their customer service friendliness and speed. During the research I stumbled on an affiliate link for SOS which gave me the same price as backblaze $60/year or $5/month for real backup and real unlimited versioning with massive security measures (more than backblaze). Do your own homework and learn everything you can about the service and how it works before you purchase it. Backups are no joke. If you want 30 day 'mirroring' then go with backblaze. If you want true backup, look elsewhere.

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I love back blaze! I've had it for years as well as a buddy of mine. (he is super paranoid about his data). They give you the option of encrypting all your data before it leaves your computer. So if you want that added protection it's available. I've never heard anything bad about it. And if they were a bad company, I'm certain reddit users would have let the word out. But I've had great experience. You can limit you bandwidth usage by using the control panel. It's super easy to use and nice if you don't want your bandwidth being drained down. It will only back up your content as fast as you allow. It took mine about 3 to 4 month to fully back up. Yes all your "ahem" files can be left out. You can exclude specific file types, drives, folders. Hope this helps.

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Yev from Backblaze reporting -> yes.

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Personally, I took the plunge and got an office 365 account. What you get for the money is awesome.

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