Not 100% sure what BigCommerce is but that’s a steep price. Why don’t you have a site made for you maybe with Wordpress and use Woocommerce? You can have some really good looking sites too. And you only have to pay hosting which isn’t much at all. DM me if you want to discuss further.

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I’d suggest to put your personal pros cons here for a better evaluation. What benefit will be received (growth/savings/feature/etc) and what’s the overall cost of the migration in addition to the net loss/gain from doing it. What are you unable to do today on your platform. Given the pros and cons and desired features for the migration does another platform do it better or cheaper?

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What is you current order volume for it to cost $2,500? Not familiar with BigCommerce pricing, but for that amount you would qualify for Shopify Plus. $2,500 might seem a lot, but if you are going the self-hosting route, you’ll have to hire someone to manage your servers anyway. It will cost you much more if your website is not proberly loading. With a hosted solution like BitCommerce you won’t have to worry about that.

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Bigcommerce is great, but their pricing fucking blows. You hit the nail on the head with this: > it just gets more expensive as your sales grow without adding features. You basically get penalized for being successful, doubly so if you're selling higher price, lower margin items

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There are plenty great alternatives to bigcommerce. But to give an advise, it would be helpful to know from which platform are you migrating and why? Who would be developing your site, in-house team or agencies?

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I use bigcommerce. No complaints here and their platform is easy to work with. If I hit the sales I want I'll move to wordpress in the future.

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