Hi, I work for a small/medium tech company, where we use Jira for our main development work, and in my analytics team, we were using Trello. We soon out grew Trello (lack of seamless working across multiple board being one of our issues as well), and Jira for my team's workflow just wasn't the right tool. So we migrated to ClickUp about 9 months ago, and currently have 7 team members using it as our primary task management & planning tool. **Key positives for me:** \- Create as many workspaces > folders > lists as you like, and create views that sit across these at all levels. \- In all views (be it Kanban, list, Workflow etc) being able to 'group by' pretty much any attribute (user, status, date, project, custom field etc) \- Within a card, being able to create assigned subtasks, and being able to have a threaded conversation about a ticket without spamming everyone's slack \- The Home and Notifications pages make it easy to keep on top of changes & updates and upcoming tasks of your own **My 'could do better'** \- There's almost too much configuration available. Functionality can be disabled at a list level, which is useful to remove distraction / grow as you better understand it \- I'd like to see more powerful filtering options. Eg, I want to have a view of all 'open' tasks where the Due date is in the past / in the next two weeks / is null. Few places like this where I can't quite get the filtering how I like it \- Pricing structure can be a little annoying, with 1 key feature you want locked behind the next pricing tier ​ Overall, this has been a key tool for us, especially with more remote working, and there's now talk about rolling it out to more of our 135 employees

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I just started using it full time for work (just myself, as we're really slow as an organization to adapt some new tools, so I am not even going to try and push it onto others). I am a PM working on multiple projects, and needed something that was good enough for day to day task tracking yet able to provide the "big picture". I am on a free plan, at least until I am convinced that it brings enough value over just setting up a bunch of calendar groups and custom views in Outlook. I wish they had a personal price tier. So far: Pros: - Feature wise, it's very good. The combination of list, board, and calendar views is just what I was looking for. - A lot of features in the free plan, although I am not sure if it will remain that way. - Outlook integration Cons: - it can be slow to start up (about 9 sec on my work laptop), and feels somewhat clunky at times - the sheer number of features, the inconsistent location of options, and the way some of them work can be confusing - No Siri integration (a problem if you use iPhones). - hard to read at times, e.g. "high contrast dark mode" that I chose is light gray text on a dark gray background. Used to be even worse. All in all, seems like a powerful service.

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I’ve been using ClickUp for a few weeks now, pretty happy with it, didn’t find any bugs.

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I switched from Trello myself about 8 months ago. Trello wasn't really practical for me as I had multiple boards and there is no such thing as an overview list with all tasks, which drove me nuts. I only used Trello for like 2 weeks until I realized that it lacks too many crucial functionalities. ClickUp has some really great features and is suitable for one-man companies (as I am) as well as really big companies with a lot of different teams. I use it mostly for client projects, but I also manage personal tasks with it and use it for the organization of my master thesis etc. However, it can be a little bit overwhelming at the beginning as there are tons of features and so many customization options. I still don't use all the features. Currently, I'm on the Unlimited plan (\~50 €/y). Speaking of bugs, I experienced some occasional issues in the past. For example, once I had the problem that the list didn't update and wouldn't save changes. However, after contacting the dev team it was solved in less than 1 hour. They are working really hard on improving it, making it faster and bringing out new features. BTW I don't really have much experience with using it for a team as I currently only have a personal workspace. I do grant read-only access to guests (clients) however.

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Hi OsHaOs, I am a real clickup user, a software engineer with my own startup underway. I have been using clickup for at least three months and I am also experienced with JIRA and other tools such as Trello. I already have ClickUp working hard for me and I can confirm that it is extremely stable, usable and reliable. I have never encountered an error, unavailability and it is super quick. I am also using it every day for a large part of my work day. I have signed up as a paying user on the business account to make use of the additional features. The functionality is very deep, particularly if you want to spend the time to turn on the features you want and organise the work correctly. Some parts of ClickUp require a bit of time to set up the way you want, such as the correct statuses and views of the tasks in the way you want. If you want to thank me for taking the time to reply, please use this link to signup to ClickUp. I am happy to answer any questions you have in dm. I do not work in marketing, and my advice is based on my true use of ClickUp. [https://clickup.com/?fp\_ref=anthoney70](https://clickup.com/?fp_ref=anthoney70)

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I downloaded it and got an error message when trying to log into the android app. A bit later it worked for around a minute. Now, it's stuck at a black screen when opening the app. So idk. I'd like to give it a try, but it seems that the apps are way too buggy and unusable in it's current state. First time downloading it and it fails me twice. App/play store reviews aren't that great either.

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