While I do agree that it’s pricey (especially if you get a formula that is mostly OTC ingredients), it’s dosed for one pump a day so you’re likely using more than intended. I tried them when they had a $5 trial and my bottle lasted about as long as it was supposed to, but I wasn’t thrilled with the product in general so I stopped after that

  👍: 204


I'm having a hard time figuring out how you could possibly go through the large size that quickly. I use it most nights, and often use a little more than the one pump recommended, and the small bottle lasts more than a month. Is there any chance a housemate or family member was using some? If not, you have to be using more than the recommended amount.

  👍: 342


I have to delay shipments usually since I only do one pump of the formula a day. I use it on my face and travel down to my neck too. Overall though, it’s been the only thing that’s made practically all my acne go away, I’m in upkeep mode now after using for several months. The second bottle I got I had to keep pumping a lot, there seemed to be a lot of air pockets in the bottle, but it still lasted over a month. Sry your not having a good experience with your subscription D:

  👍: 51



  👍: 34


I have the opposite problem with curology! My current bottle isn't empty yet and my new bottle is already in the mail. I'm using 0.05% tret though so I only use a few nights a week because that's what my skin will tolerate without complaining.

  👍: 77


I've been using Curology for over a year and only ran out with my first small bottle because I was using too much, but it still lasted about three weeks. If you weren't slathering it on I wonder if you got a bad bottle? Try unscrewing the pump. I do agree that the packaging is wasteful from an environmental point of view - the bottle is huge compared to the amount of product you get. But since I have sensitive skin and Curology works for me I'm not ready to try a stronger dose of tretinoin.

  👍: 22


I've been using Curology for almost 6 years and have never run out more than a couple days early. It sounds like you got a dud bottle if you aren't using way too much every night.

  👍: 22


It is absolutely impossible for you to have run out if you weren’t DRASTICALLY overusing it, or you received a dud bottle (unlikely, since it’s from a pharmacy).

  👍: 93


I use one pump and it lasts well over two months. I use .05 and it’s too strong for my neck.

  👍: 19


One week?! My acne bottle lasted me 3 months. You’re using too much.

  👍: 14


I had a bit of a learning curve with getting the right amount of formula to cover my face at the beginning, and I ran out of my sample bottle and first full bottle early (around 6 weeks I think). ETA: I think I started out applying it as if it’s moisturizer, rather than a treatment. Since then, I’ve adjusted my application so that I can use one pump of my custom formula for my entire face. I find that moisturizing first helps the product spread, and I dot it around my face before smoothing it into my skin. Also remember that tret is a long game; it’s not about using a lot of it each time, it’s about using it consistently over time.

  👍: 12


I use two pumps and it lasts until whenever they send me my next bottle. I’d say you got a dud. If you reach out to them, they may send you a new bottle

  👍: 10


I’m constantly pausing my subscription Bc I can’t use it fast enough. At one point I had like two full bottles and an open.

  👍: 33


I love my Curology formulation. I do go through it slightly faster than they plan for and end up ordering early..but a week or 2 early. I’ve never had the issue you’re referring to. Perhaps your bottle was not properly filled. I’d contact the company and let them know.

  👍: 7


A large size bottle lasts me 2 months and some change. How many pumps are you using? Something seems majorly off if yours was emptied in a week.

  👍: 8


Maybe it was defective. Was there a way to know it was full? Companies do send out defective products. I would just tell them. They’ll prob just send you a new bottle cause if you use that word in a chargeback, they’re going to have to refund you anyway.

  👍: 6


Been using it for over a year and a large bottle lasts me 2 months

  👍: 6


I have a bottle I got in late November that I still haven't finished and before that I've had to regularly reschedule by a month sometimes. I've been using the service for what feels like a long time. Either you got a dud bottle or you were definitely using too much. I used to just get standalone tret, but that wasn't addressing some of the other things well enough, so I stick with Curology to get the benefits of some of the other ingredients.

  👍: 6


I find they last a lot longer than they are supposed to. I use two pumps on 4 nights a week, and I have two unopened ones that came in the mail and still haven't gotten to them.

  👍: 4


My last 3 months supply had a defective pump. It seemed to have to run out after a few weeks but I opened it and there was a ton of product in there still. Could it have been the same thing?

  👍: 4


You are *ABSOLUTELY* using way too much product if you ran out in one single week. I use two pumps a day and it still lasts me just over a month. Insane.

  👍: 5


Personally, I love curology. It really helped get my acne under control. I honestly feel like it saved my skin. I had tried everything to get my acne under control and this actually worked. A bottle last me about 6 weeks and I use two pumps 5X per week. For reference I been using it for about 1.5 yrs and I’m 31 yrs old.

  👍: 8


I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Curology completely changed my life and my skin. I love it so much.

  👍: 3


I know you don’t want to hear this but you’re def overusing the product if you’re running out that quickly. I’ve never had an issue having mine last the intended time. You’re not supposed to slather it all over like a moisturizer.

  👍: 3


When I cancelled my subscription they asked for feedback and I asked them to change to less wasteful packaging. I’d definitely encourage others to give the same feedback. It’s way too much plastic for the sake of branding, even if the bottle lasts multiple months

  👍: 3


What does it cost and how long does it last? For comparison, my tube of tret from the dermatologist lasts 6-8 months and costs about $80.

  👍: 2


Honestly you are using way too much then. I never finish my bottle in time and in fact had to push back my next shipment

  👍: 2


I think there is something wrong with the pump or else it was not filled properly. I've been using Curology for 2 years and never had an issue. Did you contact customer service?

  👍: 2


Crazy, I often have some leftover by the time my next shipment is coming, and I honestly use more than the recommended amount.

  👍: 2


Curology is a waste. I did it for an entire year. My breaking point was them telling me they couldn't give me a formula that only had trentinoin. Excuse me? I don't need or want the other actives, and you are paying way too much for so little product. I used an online doc that was free for the first use and got a prescription with refills. Used a coupon from goodrx and pay $40 for a tube that last so long!

  👍: 2


I'm guessing your pump stopped working. It's a known problem with their bottles and got me a credit for my next shipment. Just email them. You can screw off the top and use a makeup spatula to scoop out the rest when you need it. It happened for my first bottle and they told me it sometimes happens. Your bottle is almost certainly not empty.

  👍: 2


It may have not been completely filled. I’ve occasionally received products that have been under filled.

  👍: 2


I’d rather get a prescription from my doc than use Curology.

  👍: -2


I think there’s instructions on their website for if your bottle sticks. That might be what’s happening. My small bottle typically lasts a month and I use 2 pumps. I also am using Curology because my insurance doesn’t cover tretinoin, so it ends up being way cheaper for me. If your insurance covers it, it’s probably worth it to get a prescription anyway.

  👍: 1


I have a question when I got the free trial it said that I was going to be charged 65 dollars because a skin set is going to be shipped after the 5 dollar kit was shipped. How do I cancel the 65 dollar set because I only want the 5 dollar

  👍: 1


Your bottle pump had to have been faulty. I'm a regular Curology user for years now and I always get about 3 months out of a bottle. I mark the date I start using it on the side with a Sharpie. And you can take the pump top off and use it that way too.

  👍: 1


Tf is the point of advertising that they make products for you, then tell me this BS "Nice to meet you! I see that you are allergic to Vitamin E/ Tocopheryl acetate. Please know that this is one of the ingredients in our base. That being said, I don't recommend that you use a Curology formula. I'll have our Success Team refund your trial. Your account/subscription will be cancelled in 27 days. After this time, you won't have access to our messaging history."

  👍: 1



[misc] So what's the beef with Curology?    

I'm new to the skincare world and had no clue where to start. I saw Curology was offering the first month at $5, so I decided why not? Couldn't hurt. I filled out the info and was sent a cleanser, a "serum"(?) and a moisturizer. After just two weeks my breakouts were clearing up, my texture issues were fading away, and my skin was softer than I had ever felt it. Things just kept getting better the longer I used the products. Then I noticed a $60 dollar charge had come out of my account, and I realized my monthly subscription had renewed at full price before I thought it would. I was sent ~slightly~ larger bottles than the sample bottles. Honestly I felt ripped off, so I canceled my subscription after that. However, now, three months in, I have the best skin of my life and I don't know what I'm going to do when my current bottles run out. I'm considering just resubscribing, even though I feel like the price is a little ridiculous. I know actives on this sub stay away from Curology for a reason. Is it simply just the price? I also know Curology does not exactly individualize each treatment. I have heard stories of siblings/friends getting the exact same prescription. I'm looking for insight, if anyone has it! Also, are there alternatives to Curology? I know I could simply order the different ingredients listed on each product, but I almost feel like that might cost more, in addition to it being a *heck* of a lot more time consuming. Any advice? Thanks in advance!    

  👍: 41


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  👍: 1


I'm not sure what you mean- lots of people use Curology because it provides prescription-level ingredients. What are the actives in yours?

  👍: 94


A lot of people on this sub use Curology. I've been using it myself for the past 9-ish months as an easy way to get tretinoin and I'm quite satisfied with the service. The bottles are airless pumps, so appearance of size isn't a particularly accurate way to judge the contents. So far my only complaint is that they don't warn you before charging you and sending out a new bottle. Since I only use it every other day, I've accumulated quite the stock! Now I have a reminder in my phone to push back my refill date.

  👍: 79


I would not say that people on the sub as a rule avoid Curology. It's one of many options for people to consider. If you don't have access to a dermatologist at Curology prices, I think it's a really great option. I used it for a year (maybe more) until I got better insurance and could see a derm in person. They recommended the same thing as Curology, only it was cheaper. It is pretty lame they charged you early, and I do think the products are expensive compared to an OTC routine...but it sounds like the ingredients are working really well for you! If I were you, and I could afford it, I would stick with it. Trying to track down individual products for the ingredients in your prescription would indeed be time-consuming and potentially just as, if not even more, expensive as Curology. Edit: also, depending on your prescription & insurance, Curology can be a good deal. Tretinoin on my old insurance was almost $200 a tube.

  👍: 30


I pay $39.99 every other month and to me it's absolutely, 100% worth every penny. I think I would actually pay more. The 2 month bottle lasts me closer to 3 months, so in the long run it's quite economical, especially compared to getting Tretinoin from the pharmacy with no insurance coverage, and going to the dermatologist to get the prescription, etc. Plus I looovvveee the convenience of it. Lastly, the Curology formulation is infinitely more elegant than generic Tretinoin, which I used (begrudgingly) for 3 years before I tried Curology. That being said I wouldn't use their cleanser and moisturizer. I prefer my own. ETA: Curology is also the only provider of 0.14% Tretinoin. I will never stop using Curology.

  👍: 40


I love Curology. Saves me the time of having to find and see a derm, and it’s such an easy way to get tret. A lot of people will have the same prescription because they only offer so many actives and a lot of people have the same concerns. But if you want them to tweak it after you start, you just email them and they will ask you what you’re interested in and then if they think it will help they will. They’ve increased my tret % twice, no problem. I do have to calendar in reminders in my outlook calendar before they ship, because I don’t go through my bottles as fast as they assume. But as long as you set reminders, it’s not that hard to stay on top of it. I actually like their cleanser and moisturizer and I think it’s only an extra $10/shipment for both. I keep the moisturizer bottle in my purse and the cleanser in my shower as back ups. If I used them as part of my am and pm routine I would run out way faster than I run out of the serum.

  👍: 12


I love Curology. I had clogged pores all over my cheeks, and Differin and Tretinoin didn’t help at all, it would just turn my clogged pores into active acne that would leave hyperpigmentation, and by the time that cleared up I’d already have more clogged pores. I knew Curology was kind of expensive, but I decided 20 dollars a month was worth it if it actually cleared my skin. I think I used a promotional offer that gave me my first bottle free, just had to pay 5 dollars shipping. I thought after that I would be charged 20 dollars monthly, but instead I get a 2 month supply bottle and get charged 40 dollars every 2 months. My skin is still far from perfect, but I’m proud to say that I am totally acne-free thanks to Curology. They even sent me a cute little card with some candy on my birthday! So nice. I think maybe them billing for two months is what’s confusing you, and you’re being charged 10 dollars more per month because you got the cleanser and moisturizer as well as the prescription.

  👍: 8


The original curology serum, which contains prescription ingredients, is fairly popular here. The cleanser and moisturizer I've not heard much about. It's likely that the serum is doing the most work for you, so you could repurchase only that and look for alternative cleansers and moisturizers. As for alternatives, you could go to a dermatologist and get prescriptions for the active products from the serum. They will most likely be cheaper depending on your insurance and function pretty much the same. I prefer the convenience of having three actives in one product and not having to take the time to see a dermatologist in person, but there really isn't anything in curology you couldn't get prescribed elsewhere.

  👍: 8


A lot of people on skincare subreddits use and swear by Curology. You don't need to get their cleanser and moisturizer, there is nothing super special about them, and you could potentially find less expensive alternatives. But yeah, it would require a bit more time and effort. Just look for a gentle cleanser with a low pH and a simple moisturizer to suit your skin type. There are so many reccommendations if you search this subreddit and Asian Beauty. Curology's personalized serum with active ingredients is the most effective item they provide and probably the main thing that's improved your skin, so you could just stick with that. You can also pause or stop your shipments at any time. I think it's definitely worth it, especially if Tretinoin is part of your skincare routine, because it's only available through prescription in the US and prohibitively expensive without insurance or if your insurance won't cover it. I plan to try it myself as an anti-aging product, but have chosen to ease into it with a gentler retinoid first.

  👍: 8


They’re a great company. I’ve used them off and on for years since they were called Pocket Derm. Usually you get 30 days worth free then you get billed. If you run out of prescription medication early I’ve never had an issue getting more sent out since it’s a flat rate. You don’t have to get the cleanser and moisturizer, it works out to about $20 a month for just the prescription medication which is way cheaper then you would pay to see a dermatologist in person and pay for the prescription at the pharmacy.

  👍: 7


I was subscribed for quite some time. I changed my formula three times and the third formula worked really well. My acne wasn’t gone...but it was significantly better. Then I decided to just buy the active ingredients separately from The Ordinary. Much cheaper and produced the better results.

  👍: 4


I got the same $5 offer and my first shipment arrived today. I really want to wash my skin and put the night treatment on now, but it’s only 12:30pm.

  👍: 3


I've had it for a while but I don't know if I have a small face or what but I have a HUGE backlog and can't use it up fast enough despite using it daily! I have it send me a message before they charge and ship the next bottle and have to go and push out the date of the next bottle by a few months. I've been doing this for what feels like a year and I still have like 2 unopened bottles in my drawer. So... YMMV but the $30 a month might really be like $10 a month or less, depending on how fast you use it. I recommend it, though, my skin's been generally doing well, and I think it's cheaper than going out and buying all the actives separately. Plus I like knowing that I'm using actives that are formulated with an eye to effectiveness more than marketing/packaging.

  👍: 5


I like Curology. My provider increased my tret % after I asked her, so no issues from me thus far.

  👍: 3


I'm so sad curology isn't in Europe, I would pay any monthly fee to have a custom prescription sent to my home without paying for a dermatologist

  👍: 4


I had the same experience as you. I kept my subscription for a few months and then cancelled it, and my acne has stayed away for over 2 years. I still have unopened bottles from them, because they sent so much. I'm not even mad about the money, because it changed my life permanently. Now I use an orange blossom toner and jojoba oil and that's IT. So, whatever I spent on Curology has saved me money on a ton of products, time spent touching my face and trying to figure out how to get rid of zits, and distress over my situation. I just don't need it anymore and I'm very grateful for that. Try being without it for a while and see if your skin is fine on its own. If not, you'll probably be able to create your own formula using resources on this sub.

  👍: 3


I get basic retinol from my doctor (not dermatologist). It costs like 10 bucks and lasts foreeeeever. Then I can use other serums that have niacinamide and other ingredients.

  👍: 2


... it’s only $30 a month, the $60 charge is a 2 month supply. The sample bottle is for 1 month.

  👍: 3


I had a terrible experience with curology over a year ago- I tried the sample bottle and it broke me out and gave me flaky skin and had a nasty plasticky smell - CCs all over my chin that I still haven't managed to get ride of (trying differin now so fingers crossed). However, it sounds like their system is working pretty well for you as long as you can figure out how to schedule their timing so it fits your budget and usage. I think it's most negatives general are that it tends to be expensive for what you get that folks will mostly budge on because it's easy access to Tret, which otherwise requires a scrip and dermatologist visit. tbh, I think the tret is what I reacted badly to.

  👍: 1



  👍: -1



[Product Question] Is Curology legit or just a fad?    

So I have fairly dry skin, but I keep it well moisterized so sometimes I get a little shiny. I have used the Elemis superfood kit for a month now, and love how it feels on my skin. I use that cleanser twice a day with cool water, and the specific day and night creams. I also use Thayer's witch hazel once a day, depending on when I feel the need. Occasionally I'll use the Bare Minerals Brilliant Future Serum, and I use sunscreen nearly every day (I don't leave the house every day). I have an IUD form of birth control (in use for 1.5 years), and I'm pretty sure that it's causing my acne. I had decent acne in high school (but also had NO skincare routine then) and it eventually went away. Now, I have constant painful acne on my chin, and will get a random outburst on any other part of my face once a month. I don't have the option of coming off my IUD right now, so I am terrified that I'll just be stuck with this painful cystic acne on my chin for years to come. I started a free trial of Curology, out of desperation maybe a month ago. I haven't seen too much of a difference, but the little improvements may also be attributed to the new face wash I have. So I want to open the discussion floor. Who here has tried Curology, and for those of you that do, did you see noticable improvement? Is this spmething you believe can fix hormonal acne, or am I heading in the wrong direction and wasting my money? (Sorry for formatting. On mobile.)    

  👍: 32


What is your curology formula? Some ingredients (like tretinoin) take a while to achieve full results (sometimes up to 6 months)

  👍: 25


I have had a lot of success using Curology, and still currently do use it to maintain my blemish (almost\*) free skin. I have posted it before and it is on my personal blog so excuse the self-promotion but here is my [before and after](http://www.autumnherah.com/post/174476390018/my-skin-care-routine) which for me speaks for itself that Curology can help, but I don't think it is a cure all for everyone. \*occasionally I still got a one off zit and presently I am experiencing some hormonal acne along my jaw line, but I think that has more to do with other factors in my life rather than Curology no longer being effective for me.

  👍: 18


It definitely depends on your specific formula. I’ve had success with Curology, starting with tretinoin, azelaic acid, and clindamycin. I’m switching out the clindamycin for niacinamide in my next bottle and am excited for that. Curology is a legitimate option for those wanting tretinoin since it’s prescription only (in the US anyways).

  👍: 18


I’ve been on it for about 3 months I definitely see a lot of improvements. I still get some hormonal acne when my period is here but other wise I have a clear face. The little that pops up during my period also clears after 2 days which usually takes one week

  👍: 5


I've been on Curology for about 2 years due to hormonal issues, and I can say for sure that it works. I went from bumpy, rough skin aka comedonal acne to smooth, soft skin. I recommended it to a classmate, she did the free trial, and her her skin looks amazing. Her mom even thanked me for recommending Curology bc she had tried everything on the market to treat her acne. I would say to go 2 more weeks, around the 6 week mark, and let your provider know that you aren't seeing much improvement, they might have to tweak your formula a bit. PM me if you have any questions!

  👍: 6


Curology completely changed my skin. I battled with acne for 10 years and have tried literally everything. I’ve even been on Accutane three separate times. I started using Curology, the same formula you have, in March of last year and was completely clear by June. A zit here and there but absolutely no bad breakouts since. It took about two months of consistent usage before I started noticing changes so definitely stick with it!

  👍: 5


My first formula worked perfectly to clear my chin/mouth area acne for about 10 months. Currently trying to get rid of breakouts again and changing formulas.

  👍: 3


I was on Curology from 12/29/16 to 10/29/18 and looking back, it was a waste of money. Although my acne did improve *slightly*, it was never long-term results and it always came back. When I look at my “journey” tab (with photos), the acne is pretty consistent the entire time. This resulted in my provider changing my formula frequently, and we never found one that actually worked out for me. If you’re curious, here were my formulations: - 0.25% zinc pyrithione, 1% clyndamycin, 4% Niacinamide - 4% Azelaic, 1% clyndamycin, 4% Niacinamide - 8% Azelaic, 1% clyndamycin, 4% Niacinamide - 8% Azelaic, 1% clyndamycin, 0.25% zinc pyrithione If anything, it helped me learned a little bit more about ingredients and what products not to use on my skin, and helped me find the website CosDNA.

  👍: 3


I, too, had hormonal acne as a side effect of an IUD. I tried Curology for several months and while it did not cure my acne, it helped keep the number of active acne at bay to where I was mostly experiencing nodules and cysts instead of the small, aggravated zits. Adding spironolactone, an oral \*diuretic, is what helped the most until I finally got the IUD removed more than a year later. ​ *Edited to correctly identify spironolactone as a diuretic*

  👍: 3


Curology is legit. I would look into your hormonal IUD, Mirena for example, is highly androgenic. I switched to the copper one and my acne improved so much!

  👍: 2


My first formula worked and the next two formulas didn’t. I cancelled after having the worst breakout of my life and I didn’t feel like my Doctor was listening to me.

  👍: 2


Curology is definitely legit. I got fed up with my skin last month and called every dermatologist in my rural-ish area. The soonest they could see me was JULY. F that. The same day I signed up for Curology and within a week I had my bottle. Already my breakouts have tapered off dramatically and my current active spots are finally shrinking and healing. I wish I had done this sooner. My formula is Tretinoin 0.009%, azelaic acid 9%, Clindamycin 1%. I think the last ingredient is the real winner since I already had and used tretinoin (0.05%!) and azelaic acid (Melazepam), but without the kind of result I’ve been getting with Curology.

  👍: 2


Didn't work out for me. The formula irritated my skin and didn't do much about my acne. I tried it for about eight months, I think. My formula was 8% azelaic acid, 1% clindamycin, and 0.25% zinc pyrithione and my acne is relatively mild. Hopefully you have greater success!

  👍: 1


A little off topic but: Is differin or another retinol part of your routine? Because that is what cleared up my once a month hormonal acne caused by my mirena! Whether you get it from curology or another source, might be worth a try :)

  👍: 1


I had/have hormonal acne. My formula is now tretinoin .05%, azelaic acid 5%, niacinamide 4%. Curology REALLY improved my skin, but I noticed after 6+ months I couldn't completely stop new breakouts until I went back on birth control. It was so discouraging seeing all the improvement, only to have a breakout on my jaw/neck that left red marks. They went away faster and so did the PIE, but still discouraging. Now I rarely get a zit and if I do it is small and fades quickly. I still use the same curology mix but will occassionally use melazepam cream + tret, like if I run out of curology early or I am using another product that causes curology to pill (an issue I have with the new formulation). (Edit for anyone curious: I use Sprintec birth control)

  👍: 1


Been using Curology for nearly 2 years now. I’ll never stop. It literally saved my face. I had cystic acne everywhere and it was horribly painful. Cleared it up completely. I also changed my skincare routine and i only use Evan Healy skincare products. I have no acne, no scarring, and no breakouts. Clear skin that I thought was impossible.

  👍: 1


I have used Curology for just over a year. I had pretty good results at first but hit a plateau. Because I also have an IUD and was experiencing chin/jaw acne, the Curology provider recommended I ask a GP for a spironolactone prescription. That helped out a TON with my skin. I still use Curology because I have tretinoin now and want to stay on that as long as possible. But the sprinolactone is what really helped with that last bit of hormonal acne. It's going to be hard to fix that with something topical.

  👍: 1


Personally I didn’t experience anything in the ways of acne but maybe it works better for other issues?

  👍: 1


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  👍: 1


Do a sub search. Curology has been widely used for years and is well known here. It works for some, for others it does not. I will say, curology is much more expensive than just getting a doctor Rx but for those without insurance it's likely a great price.

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It has worked great for me. I have been using it for 3 months. The trial formula they sent me made my skin smooth but didn't stop breakouts so I told my provider and we changed the formula. I have not had a pimple in 2 months.

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I've been using it for almost 2 years now. I highly recommend it if seeing a traditional Derm in-person is not feasible. I like that the custom formulation includes 3 actives of your choosing. It simplifies my nightly routine down when my Curology is kinda of a 3 in 1 combo. Initial consultation is very quick. After the first appointment, you don't ever need to consult them again if you don't want to. Consultations to adjust your formula is very easy and approved within 1-2 days. Money-wise it ain't bad at all. They automatically ship your new bottle every 2 months, which is too frequent for me so I push back the shipment. Their website user portal is very easy to navigate and gives you a lot of flexibility.

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it’s a good resource if you want to pursue prescription skincare but don’t have access to a derm or can’t get one covered by insurance. the main issue is it’s def on the pricy side. don’t bother w/their cleanser or moisturizers. they’re as basic as it gets, and you can get better products at similar price points

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I’m using my $5 trial now and after about one week I already notice subtle results

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I used it for 2 years, my face looked incredible, still had acne around my period but nothing major. Decided to stop earlier this year and start using CocoKind products…not a good trade. My face started off fine but a few months in, and now I have the worst acne I’ve had in years. Signed up for Curology again last night.

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I just started a couple days ago! I thought my trial was going to come with the cleanser and moisturizer but I did something wrong when ordering and just got the treatment. I went and bought one of their recommended moisturizers - Neutrogena hydro boost (FRAGRANCE FREE VERSION) and tried it out the night before starting curology just to make sure my skin agreed with it ok. My skin looked better in the morning just from changing moisturizers! I am happy with my results in just a few days but hard to say if it’s the treatment or my skin just really hated my old moisturizer and the Neutrogena is improving my skin. No negative reaction so far though and hoping to see some good differences at the end of the month trial I have tried so many recommended products and routines and felt like I just couldn’t do it on my own without a prescription or curology. Would be crazy if I randomly just needed the hydro boost after all the moisturizers I’ve tried that didn’t work out for me

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worth a shot! i thought it was too good to be true, but my formula is really great, and the cost difference between this and my insurance-covered tret is minimal. actually, the amount of time i save not fighting with my insurance about prior auths means that curology is basically handing me money.

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It didn’t work for me, but seems to work for others

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Depends on the person and what your needs are. I know some people swear by it. I used it for about 18 months and would go back and forth with results but for the most part I'm glad I used it.

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I didn’t work for me. I gave it a decent shot for about 5-6 months And canceled it. My acne got a lot worse. But again, just my experience, and it’s not indicative of what yours would be.

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It didn't really work for me, but it worked great for my sister so it is really kind of a toss-up I guess. You can do their $5 trial and then just cancel if it doesn't seem like it's working!

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I just ordered a week ago. I hate the cleanser, but that's all I can tell you so far.

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I am trying it right now 2 weeks in, and it has reduced the redness, but I still get tiny breakouts here and there, which is normal during the first few weeks as it is stated by the prescriber. This is my second time giving it a try. I tried it the first time in 2016 when it was still new, I didn't have patience, knowledge of skincare, or any skincare routine. I stopped it after the trial as I got scared because I was breaking out worse. This year, I decided to give it a try again because I understand my skin better, I have a good skincare routine, and I have the patience to wait for the results lol. In addition, the formula is customizable, and the doctor checks up on you every 2 weeks to see how your skin is doing. When I was taking the quiz, I tried to include all the issues with my skin even tiny little details, which I thought would help the doctor with the prescription. The doctor even gave me tips and suggested products, which I thought was really nice.

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