Anyone use Freshbooks "bookkeeping service"?    

I already subscribe to their basic accounting software service and have for about three years now (even though they marked up the price significantly this last year). Now I'm getting email spam from account managers who want to talk to me about "bookkeeping packages". I can't find any detail online (other than a [high level Freshbooks page](https://www.freshbooks.com/easybookkeeping) with a bunch of hand wavvy marketing). Wondering if anyone has first hand experience with what this service actually is comprised of, and how much it actually costs. Side note: Given FB's dramatic price increase last year, combined with these newish aggressive customer contacting moves, I'm beginning to wonder if FB is on shaky financial ground and/or is under extraordinary VC pressure to overdeliver revenues. IMHO, they are risking their existing client base (I'm already thinking about alternatives....the service is good, but it's not worth more than Office 365, for example, another software service that provides a LOT more value, and is cheaper!).    

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I can't speak to freshbooks, but I and several others on this sub have had success using Wave's freemium service for basic bookkeeping, invoicing, receipts/expenses, etc. EDIT: Downvoter, it's cool. But if you happen back this way, feel free to toss out your thoughts. Thanks!

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I don’t know anything about their bookkeeping service, but I can’t see why you’d need it. How long does it take to do your books? I used freshbooks for invoicing and expense tracking for years. Then they made the ‘new’ freshbooks and it was absolutely shit. They couldn’t even format addresses correctly for use in Australia and when I asked them to fix it, they said that they would consider it depending on demand from customers. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid them per year, but I think it was something like $600. And if I got more clients, I’d have to pay more. So I stopped using their service. Found one that was 1/4 the price with no dodgy pricing nonsense and great customer service (literally the boss called me because I mentioned a colleague had referred me and he remembered that guy had been one of their early customers). They took all of my freshbooks data and manually formatted it to work with their import system and have made numerous changes to their core software after getting feedback. I’m so glad I left freshbooks.

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