Yeah man I've got on on my 2014 SR5 it's is really good especially for the price you can't go wrong

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I’ve got one but I never use it. It’s basically the same as putting your foot down faster. I tried mine at a bunch of different settings but I was more comfortable with it on normal. On max setting, the bloody thing goes off it’s head in first gear though it gets better the further up you go. Mine is a manual though and I have the feeling that it’s actually way better suited for the autos. Plenty of people have one and love it but it’s not really for me. It’s really individual preference so you never really know until you try it out yourself. Maybe see if a mate will lend you their throttle controller for a week to test it out.

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Im of the opinion of putting your foot down harder , achieves the same result. All the idrive does is trick the ecu, telling it you are at 75% throttle when you are actually only 50%. Dont get me wrong its cheaper than a remap for sure, but it doesnt actually increase HP or torque. Some people love them and some people arent fans. I personally say just push the foot down a bit harder.

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For $200 they’re pretty good especially if you’ve got bigger wheels and need a bit more grunt for taking off

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