[Review] HONEST Lume Deodorant Review- TLDR...it sucks!    

Anyone on any form of social media knows about Lume Deodorant; their advertising is on point! I loved the catchy commercials, positive reviews, and had been using natural deodorants for years so I thought why the heck not?!? I've been using for 2+ months and felt it was time to write about my experience. I'm a big believer in honesty and transparency and my biggest criticism of this product/company is the inability to leave an unbiased review, even/especially if it's negative; the company never posted my less than stellar review on their website so I'm taking it to this forum. Underarms are skin too! I purchased the 3oz Lume Unscented Deodorant in the tube for $19USD. I've used it approximately 60x, pea sized amount per pit and I still have some left. It's vegan, cruelty-free, aluminum-free, and baking-soda fee. It's a mandelic acid based product. In the past I've used Schmidt's Original and Sensitive, Native, and an independent Etsy brand. All but Native worked well for odor but eventually they all irritated my pits to different degrees **PRO**  * The first positive I will say is that it never irritated my pits, even directly after shaving. It's safe to use anywhere the gets stinky but I only have used on my underarms. **CONS** * DISHONEST PRACTICES As I mentioned before, I think the company promotes skewed product reviews by omitting critical reviews. This is not cool by me. * INEFFECTIVE- Guys, nobody wanted this product to work more than me. I don't have a strong body odor but my underarms will get stinky if I don't use anything. I don't care about getting sweaty (this is not an antiperspirant) but this really didn't work well to control odor. The company is very upfront that to use the product effectively, your clothes need to be treated first to wash off residual bacteria and residue from former products. I bought their recommended detergent and treated all my clothing as directed; nope, still stinky. I repeated the clothing treatments multiples times without results hoping it would work. At that point, I was past the 30 day return window. I bought a few new (washed) shirts and still experienced odor so I think the washing is kind of BS. Some days it would work better than others but it def didn't live up to the 72 hour odor control the company claims. It'll work well for a few hours but after that...phew. My body actually has a different, worse scent when I use this product.  * "UNSCENTED"  is more like...old bananas. It mostly fades but kind of off-putting. **Ingredients** Water, Mandelic Acid, Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Starch, Isoamyl Laurate, Sodium Acrylate/ Acryloyldimethyltaurate/ Dimethylacrylamide Crosspolymer, Caffeine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Alcohol, Theobroama Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Isohexadecane, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Sodium Lactate, Panthenol, Allantoin, Xanthan Gum, Sclerotium Gum, Tocopherol, Polysorbate 60, Lecithin, Pullulan, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ethylhexyglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Silica, Fragrance\*    

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I learned on this sub to use glycolic acid on my pits, and now it doesn’t matter what fake hippy deodorant I use — no B.O.

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If regular deoderants/antiperspirants don't irritate you and you don't have an allergy to aluminum, [there's no need to worry about aluminum](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.livescience.com/64720-aluminum-antiperspirant-deodorant-cancer.html). That's one thing I didn't like about Lume - they utilize pseudoscientific concepts like 'other deoderants trap toxins' and 'aluminum causes cancer' - both of which are untrue fear mongering. If you can't sell your product without using pseudoscience, its probably not all it's cracked up to be. Also most deoderants don't use aluminum, antiperspirants do. So their advertising is also doing that dishonest thing where they declare their product free of something...implying that's a selling point because other products have the thing ... when they don't.

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I tried this at my friend's recommendation and it does NOT work for odor control. I wanted to like it, and will still use it sometimes after I have a bath in the evening, but it does not perform well for normal day use. Also expensive for what you get honestly.

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That’s disappointing. I was mostly interested in it for use... uhh... elsewhere. Thick thighs save lives and all but in summertime... y’know I wonder if there’s a groin-safe option that /does/ work...

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I actually like it a lot and reordered after my first one ran out. My only thought is what others are doing in terms of showers and baths. I personally shower everyday and reapply. I’m wondering if some people think the 72 hours means “i don’t have to wash my ass for 72 hours” or “I’ll take a shower but it should still be effective even though I just washed it off.” I also use it externally on my nether regions and it really helps me on days when I am wearing shape wear or other things that’s aren’t as breathable as regular cotton underwear. I also think it’s strange there are no negative reviews bc it’s impossible something works for everyone.

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That's weird bc it works so well for me.traditional deo has been failing me so hard lately! I feel like I smell like sweat mixed w the deo scent and I'm so self conscious about it!! Lume has been working better for me.It's pretty pricy though and I have to apply more than they recommend. It lasts well all day but when I work out intensely I do a quick check before I shower and I might get a subtle hint of BO when I put my nose in there. I'm really happy w it except for the price but I got a 30% discount on my last order.

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I bought Lume around the same time as OP and feel similarly. Some days it works brilliantly, some not at all. Pretty much like every other deodorant I’ve ever used. I just bought TO glycolic acid and am hoping that helps, but I seem to have really persistent underarm bacteria, despite daily showering and general all-around good hygiene. I do find for me that switching back and forth every couple of weeks helps. Schmidt’s, Native, and the crystal spray are all in my rotation along with Lume.

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Yeah I’m not a fan either. I bought the scented kind. It works for a max of 5 hours on me. I do love that it doesn’t irritate my underarms but but it’s kinda pointless to use a deodorant that won’t even last a full work day.

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I don't think it's for everyone but Lume works great for me. I'm especially pleased with how well it prevents foot odor and would buy it for that alone. The weather has turned warm where I live and I definitely have to shower and reapply daily.

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I also had no luck with Lume. I got the scented one, which has an herbal hippy smell. I had been using Schmidt’s for over a year before that, and only moved away from it because it was staining my shirts. The Lume didn’t help with smell at all. I applied it after a shower, or even in the evening and again in the morning. Still smelled bad. I moved to Lavanilla, which worked pretty well before the summer heat. Now I’m using an antiperspirant at night, then applying the Lavanilla in the morning. Seems to be keeping the summer stink away!

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Which detergent removes the stank residue off of clothes? I've found a few of my shirts are only good for wearing doing gardening work anymore as anytime I sweat they stink despite my armpits not actually smelling. It's like the sweat reactivated the stink.

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I know I'm super late to the party but I was browsing some stuff and stumbled on this thread. I love Lume and have also converted my husband to it which is actually an amazing feat. He had red rashy pits using some popular store brand anti-perspirant and his pits are now nice and normal-looking. I have to say, it was a bit of a turn off seeing his pits like that lol but whatever, he's fine now. For me, it works really well and we recently switched from the Lavender to unscented which I find better. I'm going to be purchasing the tube to see if I like that more than the stick because it is hard to gauge how much you need sometimes using the stick and getting the last part out is a bit of a waste since it doesn't come out.

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They changed their original formula and now it smells terrible.

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I haven’t tried this product and won’t simply due to their commercial where the women spread their legs. It isn’t called for. There are other ways to advertise nasty unclean private parts. Just take a bath ladies!

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Wow I am shocked at the negative reviews of Lume! Yes at the very first of applying it’s not roses but it fades extremely quickly, less than a minute for me. It’s been THE best Deodorant I’ve ever used! And economically the thriftiest. I buy the tube (Jasmine Rose) it has lasted me a year and counting. I use a dot for each underarm and a pea size for the privates. I do not stink for 2 days, 3rd day in summer I reapply. I’ve tried Native and can’t put that on privates but underarms -had to use everyday and it was just okay. The immediate smell was better but like I said Lime fades so quickly and last way longer. I’d highly recommend you try it and it may take a few times before the initial smell is ok and TBH I like the smell now and that initial yuck is gone for me. As long as it’s doing it’s job and it is so cheap cuz it lasts forever I’m a happy customer. I do not work for Lume but if they want to give this 56 year old woman a job I’d take it.

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I am surprised with this negative review. Maybe it’s like perfume-I will love a scent but if my sister uses it it smells completely different on her. But the scent truly dissipates after a minute or less for me. Yes when I first bought the tube and tried it I was not thrilled with the scent but after 14 months of use, I love it. I use the Jasmine Rose scent and 1/4 pea size for each underarm and a pea size for the lady parts and I’m good to go for 2 days. In winter I can go for 3 days and I don’t stink. It is economically the best deal I’ve ever had, 14 months and now I’m reordering!

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It works for me, i actually really like it other than it’s not 72 hours

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Lume deodorant (an honest negative review)    

I’ve been using it for over 3 months, and while it did work for awhile, it plateaued in its effectiveness. I’m going to switch back to my drugstore clinical, because I can’t deal with the unpredictability of this product. I will say, that it’s decent on places that aren’t your pits, and that’s what I’ll keep using it for, until it’s gone. The shipping time took almost 3 weeks. In a time when people get 2-day prime shipping, this is pretty bad. I’m even starting to perspire more again, even when it’s not that hot. The product claims up to 72 hours of odor protection, but it’s nowhere near that (I’ve tested it). Best at this point, would be maybe 18, and you can’t be certain. I’ve been hesitant to return to my old stuff, because I liked that this is wax/aluminum-free and whatnot, and figured I’d keep trying and hoping. Nope. The oniony man-ish smell is becoming too gnarly, and it’s starting to become trapped in my new clothing permanently… Not worth it. I want my oldskool reassurance back, even if I have to go back to scrubbing deodorant wax out of the pits of my clothing.    

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Lume is for both underarms and bits. I broke out in both places after using twice :( The marketing is genius, but I didn’t find it better than any other deodorant for what it’s worth.

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It took me a solid 6 weeks to get over the BO smell but it does nothing for wetness (which, I knew going into it, but I was disappointed my first hot summer day out when I quickly pitted my pastel t-shirt). It definitely does not have the staying power it claims it does, but I'm good for a single day. I do like it for "bits" (please remember it is external use only, vaginas are self-cleaning!) but after three sticks I'm trying something else.

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I use Schmidt’s Rose and Vanilla. I work outside, I do heavy labor. It’s works perfect, I just smell like roses. I started using it when I worked out at the gym daily. My husband has no problem telling me if I stink and he’s never told me since I switched to Schmidt’s.

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Wow, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you :( To give another perspective, I like lume. However, the most “BO” I get is a while after sweating, so that may be a factor. It’s more like a mild disinfectant. It won’t stop you from sweating, but it will kill the bacteria on the skin that cause the odor. However, bacteria will find a way and revive in that area, often from rewearing clothes. That’s why you have to bathe; it washes away the bacteria and gives you a fresh start. So, it doesn’t deodorize, it just kills some bacteria and may temporarily keep more from growing. I’ve used the unscented one for a year, and when I use it after bathing, or wiping with a baby wipe quickly after exercise if I don’t have time to shower, and apply, it works. For the most part, if I don’t rewear clothes I exercised in, it works. I never got to 72 hours, but definitely over 24 with one application. I haven’t tried it wearing only super fresh clothes, pajamas, and sheets for 3 days, but it could probably work. However, I have started wearing it with a normal deodorant, to help with the sweating. It makes my other deodorant last longer. I don’t need to layer deodorant, but I like to, depending on what I’m wearing. So, my experience is mostly positive. Just wanted to be the devils advocate on this one.

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I like that Crystal rock deoderant. I was pretty skeptical but its been working great for me. I put it on in the evening after I shower and it lasts all through the next day, unless it's super hot out.

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Playpits is actually pretty good. It’s all natural too

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I tried Lume as well and wasn’t a fan. Unfortunately I’m still trying to find a deodorant that will prevent both sweaty and smelly pits. 😕

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I use Dove 0% Aluminum. But I haven't looked to see if they make mens. "Natural" deodorants make me sweat in my armpits even though I don't sweat if I just wear nothing at all. I've also found plain rubbing alcohol to be effective for me personally.

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Interesting. I've used it for almost 18 months and it works perfectly. No plateau in effectiveness for me. It works in my "pits and bits." Everyone is different though.

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I’m here because I can’t figure out how to leave a review on the Lume website. It’s like they know I’m coming for them. This stuff is awful. It’s expensive, and if it was simply ineffective, I wouldn’t care that much. But it is nasty. I got the 3 tube bundle and decided to try the Twisted Lime first. Since it’s summer, I thought it would be a nice, light citrus scent. Nope. It smells like that lime flavored salt candy, but way saltier. It’s gross. I thought maybe it was just that scent so I tried the Lily scent. Also salty and gross. Maybe it’s one of the active ingredients that gives it that salty smell? I don’t know, because nothing about this stuff seems active at all. It’s completely ineffective for underarm odor, actually, it’s worse, because the disgusting scent mingled with the regular BO smell turns into something way worse than if I’d used nothing. I understand that it’s not an antiperspirant, and I’m fine with that. I just didn’t know it would smell so foul while completely underperforming. I also got the deodorant wipes and they work better and smell less terrible than the deodorant, but the actual wipe material is super thin and pills and rips very easily.

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It worked great in the beginning. I was sold. But after some time (first tried in March, its now end of July) after a few months (as it started getting warmer) it worked less and less. To preface this, I am a heavy sweater and have had problems with deodorants for YEARS. To this date, cannot find something that will help the BO. I’ve tried from natural to clinical and everything in between. I wear scrubs for work and by the end of the day, I stink using Lume. I use scrubs with as much cotton percentage as I can find. I even cleaned and washed all my clothes with the enzyme cleaners as they said until it no longer stunk in the pits. I’ve also gained some weight so either way, a lot of my other clothes is new so it didn’t have any trapped deodorant/BO. Well it’s been getting worse and worse and I just went on a beach vacation and it was basically like I wasn’t wearing any deodorant. I went paddleboarding and the stink was horrid. The whole week away it was basically like I didn’t have any deodorant. I’m not even sure what else to try but i’m done with Lume!

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Honestly I’ve given this deodorant more chances than I should’ve. The jasmine rose doesn’t work for me at all. I had my clothes completely rid of the residue of old deodorant, and even would make sure to apply lume with new, bought shirts. The coconut, lily, and tangerine worked so well! However it worked well if you used a certain detergent for cleaning. Persil claims to fight odor, and when using that product, lume worked like a charm . Although the no odor would only last just a day.. would have to reapply for the same effects I’ve been using my grandmothers detergent products, (personal problems with washer) and holy crap it’s acts as if I never put on deodorant. I reek an hour later. This product gets too much praise on their website. Unless it’s just my body chemistry that won’t work with i I love Schmidt’s and used to wear the rose and vanilla, but after 2 years of using it, the baking soda would begin to irritate my skin. I’ll take the Gillette to consideration once I can move on from this deodorant.

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I thought lume was for your bits not pits

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Try www.nuudcare.com. Read their claims. After you tried, you won't ever go back to traditional deodorants.

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I'm new to Lume and loving it so far. I've tried everyyyyyything and I always smell. So far this has been great. Not sure on longevity, as I shower daily and reapply. And to be fair, I wear regular deodorant during the day because I can't stand the wet pit look/feel. But I use lume at night, go to the gym in the morning and have no probs. I feel like I smell less from my regular deodorant since using this as well. But I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it always does with deodorants for me. Sad to hear it didn't last for you.

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You do find this effective for the groin/bits area? I’ve been eyeing lume for a while and wondered whether it’s effective at odor control with the hot weather and working out.

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Mega babe sunny pits and Native grapefruit musk—also piper wai is lovely and smells like spa, just slightly harder to apply (but not hard to apply)

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Try to look for milcu powder or roll on! if u are interested in trying something new.

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Why the heck was I downvoted? People suck. I just wanted to help... I think I'm done with Reddit.

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I don't get why at the price they charge,they couldn't do more to fade that stink in it . I mean I've used ions of natural deodorants and they don't have this funky ingredient. Back in the day the worst you had to deal with was the stuff wearing off mid day or the after smell of hops lol . This lume thing smells like a$$ and essential oil. I don't like how long this stink stays underarms . All that being said,I do like how it works under my stomach/apron/fupa whatever. It literally neutralizes the funky sweat/musty order I get and it also works good under my boobz another area I get the sweat funk odor. For some strange reason the stinky ingredient does fade fast in those areas but my pits it seems to take longer idk why. I sweat alot too so I'm shocked the stuff has held up in this heat and being slightly active. Overall tho For some reason using it under my arms is a getting to no go status. I got home and got a whif and this was an hour or 2 later,and I smelled a$$ still . Just gross it reminds me of the manuer stuff people use in landscaping. It just unacceptable considering the price . I can't believe all the glowing reviews on their fb either . Tdlr : funky lume smell doesn't fade that fast,smells like manuer/a$$ especially when applied underarms, the stuff imo does work at killing the musty odor but the other scent in it makes you more self conscious. Works very well tho under boobz and in the groin/fupa areas . If I do buy it again it'll just be used in those areas and not the pits . I also want to try the soaps.

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I tried it on my buttcrack last summer and I swear it made it smell worse… like the bacteria was reacting with the fragrance to give it a weird smell. I didn’t really have an odor issue there before, but I knew I’d sweat a lot there when it really hot, so I thought it would be nice to have something that keeps it fresher amid all the sweating. But it just made my crack smell! 😂😂 I got the sampler pack of scents and followed the directions, only using a little. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Honest Lume Review    

So, I bought into the commercials and de decided to try Lume. I don't have too many issues with armpits, but I'm on my feet a lot in my teaching job - so I wanted to try it on my feet and in my privates. I really struggle with smell (which no one but me can smell - but I just don't like it). Upon receiving my package in the mail (bought the tube sampler), I opened one to check the scent. What hit me gave me flashbacks to taking care of my grandmother in hospice. It's a rancid, sour, unclean privates smell. I know other people have called it a sour banana smell, but I can tell you that it is much, much worse. It literally smells like dirty privates. To put the deodorant on, I have to not breath for a minute so I dont get the smell of it, otherwise I gag. It DOES work for me, where I put it. I put it on immediately after I shower and towel off. After a while I dont smell the dirty bits smell anymore, and I dont smell my hot smell at all, either. It's working, but it smells so disgusting that you have to get used to it enough to just tolerate using it.    

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Here’s my Lume-adjacent anecdote: I have been intrigued by their ads which inundate every corner of social media, but I wasn’t about to shell out that kind of money when I’ve had such crappy results with most natural deodorants. I researched the active ingredient (mandelic acid) and sourced it as a facial serum by The Ordinary for like $6. I put a little swipe of hyaluronic toner on my pits first, then a few drops of the serum, rub it all over, and follow with a MoonaLisa dusting powder. I have never had anything natural work so well and have been using this method for about 2 months.

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So here's my experience with Lume. I did all the prep work including the apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay detox mask. I read ahead of time that Lume had a weird smell when you first put it on, so no surprise there. Despite the initial bad smell, I LOVED the fact that my underarms didn't stink anymore. Until... they started to again. After about 4 weeks I would notice a bit of an odor by the end of the day, but nothing too bad. It got progressively worse though over a week or so. On a whim I decided to do another detox mask to see if that would help. It did. Problem solved! Then about 3 weeks later the same thing started to happen. I noticed a little bit of an odor one day, and it kept getting worse each day. I did the detox mask AGAIN, expecting that I'd just have to accept the fact that in order for Lume to work, I'd just have to do detox masks from time to time. The last one I did was on a Saturday, and by Monday my underarms stunk again, even though I was using Lume every day. So my conclusion is that somehow my body adapted to Lume and it doesn't work for my underarms anymore. 😕 I'm still using it on my privates, and it seems to be working yet. I plan to use it on my feet when I start wearing sandals every day in the summer, and for my underboob area. We'll see how it goes. By the way, I contacted customer service and they seemed baffled as to why it wouldn't work anymore. I googled "Lume stopped working" to see if I could find anyone who had the same problem, but I haven't found anything. Makes me wonder if negative reviews are being removed.

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I don't understand the bad smell some people describe. I have the unscented kind. I do have a very sensitive nose but it doesn't smell bad to me. It just smells neutral, a bit soapy and powdery, and a bit like shea butter. I wonder if the smell is a genetic thing where it smells fine to some people but fine to other people. Like I can't smell "asparagus pee," I don't have the gene. But my husband can smell it. And like the cilantro thing. It's just so bizarre that some people have these extreme reactions while I'm here with an overly sensitive nose and sniffing the shit out of my Lume to try to figure out what the hell people are smelling. Sometimes I also wonder if their product went rancid before they received it or something.

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Have you tried all the scents? Do they all start off bad? Which one smells like sour bananas, so I can not pick it.

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I bought the unscented tube and the vanilla stick, and they both smell like ASS.

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My husband calls Lume "stinky socks." It defeats the purpose of preventing BO if your pits smell a different kind of bad. For me at least, it built up in my clothes and the shirts' pit area smelled like Lume even after washing.

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Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this smells sour. It’s nasty to the point it makes me want to puke.

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I ordered the sample pack and used as directed on my privates and underboob. The stuff literally smells like ass but after the smell fades quickly you are left with no odor at all for at least 24 hours, I am quite satisfied. I guess you have to smell ass not to smell ass?

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I find the commercial to be repulsive. What happened to keeping it classy here ladies? If you suffer from dirty down there my apologies. I understand it is a medical condition and you should have it treated. But the commercial makes me gag. If you can smelling through your clothing please refrain from attending yoga. Nobody else want to smell that either

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It definitely works for me as far as stopping odor...but not sweat. And under my arms it actually caused a really *really* bad rash and what kinda pissed me off is that I pretty much said exactly that on one of their many Facebook ads and they deleted my comment and messaged me telling me I was applying the product wrong 😑. I’m a cornstarch girl for life lol. **edited for typos because butter fingers

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I love it! My underarms are prone to clogged pores which lead to sores or pimples but I've had almost none since I went to lume. I like the newer citrus scents but I haven't tried all of them. It seems to work wherever I put it. It says 72 hours. I find I smell almost 0 for about 24, and ver little hour 24-48 but for me thats pretty much all I can go. But that still is enough for me.

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Well, I decided to try it. I got a mini tube sampler and a stick of deodorant. I sure hope it works because it's kind of expensive.

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I have used it, and it works, but I’m not crazy about the scents. Even the unscented has a weird (to me) smell

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I love Lume! However, I *need* to use a body wash without SLS or traditional soap in it in order for it to work. I got the SLS note when I messaged customer service about it not working as expected, and I learned the “saponified ingredients can be as harsh as SLS” thing much more recently when I was confused why it wasn’t working again all of a sudden recently when I tried a zinc-based soap bar. I switched to vanicreams face wash for my pits and applying lume after and that’s when the odor is most under control.

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I just started using the lotion version of it! In the summer months my nether regions can get kinda musty if I'm out all day and Lume seems to be helping pretty well with it. I got the tangerine scent and it's okay but I think next time I'd go unscented. Overall I'm happy with it and don't feel like I wasted my money

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I have been using Lume for a couple of months and it works for me. Most of the reviews I read prior to buying mentioned that the product had a "dried spit" type smell to it, which it definitely does if you smell it up close, but I don't think a person sitting next to me would notice it. FWIW the thing that made the biggest difference for my untameable BO was washing my underarms with a benzoyl peroxide-based face wash like PanOxyl (or similar store brand.) That plus Lume has been working great so far!

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I've been using it for a month or so now and it's a game changer. Keeps smells away for 24 hours and zero irritation. I use the stick under my arms and the wipes around my bikini area and under my breasts. The wipes are especially handy for a quick refresh after I've been in a hot sweaty environment and want to clean up but am too lazy to shower.

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I love my lume.

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I ordered one of the mini sampler packs and have been using it for a week or so. I’m quite impressed; much less so at the discovery (via responses on this post) that they delete negative reviews. I was actually just browsing and pondering ordering some full-sized tubes, but now I (maybe out of sheer obstinacy) don’t want to because I HATE companies that sanitize their social media of anything less than glowing. Grr.

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I used it and it worked Then they reformulated and it no longer does a thing Switched to Native and I've been happy so far

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I just got the sample pack, some of the scents are awful omg

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I was using it and I loved it. It didn’t smell good out the tube but I ignored it. It really does fight odor. Unfortunately it does not stop sweat. So you will still sweat. 😞 I had to stop using it because one day I put it on And my armpits burned like a M F! I ignored it for a couple of days then one night I put it on and was nearly in tears! I had to wipe it off. So sad. I don’t know what happened.

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I’ve been waiting 10 days and they still haven’t put my Paid order in the mail. I also paid for shipping. They’ll send you one to two emails a day but not with “Your Item has shipped”. Caveat emptor

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It doesn't work for me and made me smell worse than if I hadn't showered in 3 days..particularly in the groin area.

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I have it and would not buy it again...I was so excited for it and I notice it smells like turmeric out of the tube and my pits stunk like onion that night and I washed in the morning with the lume soap. Seems better on bits than pits for sure but not like I stuck my head in my crotch for a close up sniff so can't be 100% sure on that one. But pits, nope!

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I ordered a sample pack. Does *not* work for me. First off, it has this really sour smell. Most ppl seem to notice that, per reviews. But everyone says it goes away. Well, I can still smell it. Especially if I’ve been doing yard work, etc. It’s like that sour smell gets reactivated because my pits are wet from sweat. So I have b.o. AND a sour smell. I tried it in my nether regions once. Every time I dropped my drawers, all I could smell was that gross sour smell. I prefer my natural scent over that any day! Very expensive mistake for me.

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I ordered the lime scent expecting it to smell fresh for the summer. There is the fresh lime scent but is overpowered by this weird underlying scent. I returned it. It took more than a month and lots of follow up emails before they finally issued a refund. Take note: you have to cover $5 shipping cost to return their products. But I paid $19 for a deodorant, only received $10 refund.

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I know this is old but I’m a plus plus size Lume user. Size 26W for reference. I ordered the Twisted Lime since I read it covers up their weird scent better and honestly I don’t mind it. It has a faint lime smell over the weird natural scent but honestly the weird scent isn’t that bad to me. I use it in the fupa and thigh area and it seems to keep the sweat from smelling musty. I also occasionally use it between my thighs to prevent chafing and it works well there too. I don’t use it as actual deodorant because it’s not strong enough for my pits but everywhere else it keeps me feeling fresh. You DO sweat with it, it just keeps it from smelling bad. I’m about to order a second tube.

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The new Lume sticks work a lot better for underarms now! The creamy stuff didn't work all day for me or my hubs, but the stick is working!

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Love Lune!

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It's expensive, seemly sticky? This stuff isn't new, decades ago another company, I believe had the same claiming stuff but was in can stray form? It disappeared from the market, it was advised as a female product, just like this one really is, but this one loves to side tracks you will, "put it anywhere". Which is weird, since it's safe to spread on your peach crack, it's safe enough for your underarms, balls...of feet? That is the logic? It's it? Maybe I got it wrong? It's clear what it's really for, "doctors are over prescribing", right, it's that what they say? So, use this, instead of your doctor's advice? With the old can stuff, as I recall women were straying, or getting it up inside, throwing things well off, PH, bacteria. If you kill good bacteria, it allows opportunities for bad bacteria, doesn't it? Ask a doctor? I remember jokingly it was really taken off the market because it tasted bad? Seriously some reactions of women were allergic swelling of the external pieces parts from the spray. I believe the stuff sold years ago it was found to be more of a problem, throwing off the ph, in that private crack, and frankly good bacteria, is good bacteria, killing off bad and good, isn't good. Worst you could cover up a real problem especially, hiding an ordor by a scent especially if it's of the nature of causing someone 8 feet away, because you raised your legs, spreading them on an exercise mat, they faint from female private parts area. This type of advertising should be offense to women, that somehow that area is a major source of world air population, like cow CO2 gas. This stuff claims to be all natural, it seemsn to be, so, it either has to mask ordor, or change something that is creating it. I don't know which way, you tell me, but that area is like a chemistry set. Well, I prefer a salt based under arm deodorant, and no where else. What do you think of this? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/lysols-vintage-ads-subtly-pushed-women-to-use-its-disinfectant-as-birth-control-218734/

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I can't get past the ridiculous commercials

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