The most bizarre blatant scam I have ever come across "M.e.t.i.c.o.r.e"    

I really do hope this is the right place to post here as I want to inform people about this and have no idea how other than here. I work as a fact checker, I come across a lot of scams and I like to think I'm helping at least a few people be aware of what they're being sold when a scam is in front of them. Typically scams are easy to find evidence on and therefore "convict" them on this evidence and have them effectively censored or taken down if need be. This evidence comes in critical reviews and articles outlining the scam, the people behind it, the faulty science, anything that helps me determine "this is a scam." Today I came across a product called Meticore that promises to be a miracle weight loss supplement. It had all the classic giveaways, a cheesy overacted ad playing fullscreen on a webpage that you can't click through or rewind, too-good-to-be-true reviews and the 60 year old woman who claims she could never lose weight stating she can now "run marathons and climb mountains!" And of course the sale, "for a limited time we are GIVING AWAY this supplement for 90% off!!!" I figured this would be a pretty easy job, I typed in Meticore and I got a bunch of ads for the supplement, and under the ads the first webpage was from Discover Magazine, which idk about you but I have never heard of this magazine. Regardless, I clicked on the link titled # "Meticore Reviews - Scam Complaints or Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients Work?" While not the most intelligently written headline, I figured this is what I was looking for. But low and behold, it was a sponsored article, by Meticore. Before the blatant ad even gets into the nitty gritty, there's this "***(SPECIAL PROMO) Click Here to Get*** Meticore ***For an Exclusive Discounted Price Online."*** I figure "okay, whatever, they got their bullcrap sponsored in a magazine. Doesn't mean it's legit." Then I found another, and another. One was even in APNews. Just ad after ad and sponsored article after sponsored article. I'm like, whatever, they paid a bunch of websites to post this. I still found it weird that I couldn't find a single thing on this product or reviews of ANYONE who had actually bought this product from the official website, no, all these articles drew you in with "finally revealing the Meticore scam" only to state it was a "legit product that is proven to help anyone lose weight." I looked to customer reviews specifically. Again, the *only* reviews I could find on this product are sponsored. I looked to the BBB, Scam Alerts, Snopes, I can't find a single thing. The only reviews I found were on amazon for a product that, allegedly, doesn't have the same ingredients as the "real" Meticore supplements do. I am beyond confused that after using multiple search engines I can't find one honest review on this supplement and it honestly feels like they are actively wiping negative information off the web. I feel like I'm going crazy but the product just *feels* so *scammy* I can't help but feel like this is dangerous. I have never known a real, safe product to use such blatant scammy marketing and it feels wrong and I needed to talk about it and get the word out. I broke up the name \[in title only now\] so that just in case they're somehow actively removing outside info on the product, maybe I will get through somehow. Regardless, stay safe, and has anyone here actually used this product or has any info on it? EDIT: Forgot to add that they have their very own Reddit which is just hyped up posts about the "product." Its called r/meticore. Edit2: Most of the posts have disappeared between today and yesterday, there is only one now. This just keeps getting weirder. Edit 3: I'm really excited that this post is still gaining traction! I'm starting to think there should be a subreddit specifically for this product and digging up dirt on it. Personally I don't have the time to dig too much deeper into this, but I have recently started finding even more products with similar relation to Meticore and I am beginning to believe this rabbit hole goes deeper than any of us could have believed. Edit 4: This post is still getting traction so I wanted to add an update, I just found another pill with the exact same marketing tactics as Meticore, its called Nerve Control 911 and it's touting to be a cure for nerve pain.    

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Meticore You should just include the full name, now it shows up in search results and I doubt they can remove this

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The only pill that ever worked for people to lose weight was Amphetamine and we all know the saying; "speed Kills". Robert Heinlein had a saying that he used to use; "TANSTAAFL" There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch which means there is always a catch and diet pills are either dangerous or are just placebos. There will never be a safe pill that will lose the weight for you.

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They've taken out a lot of ads that use "scam" and "fraud" in the title and keywords and have bought millions of farmed backlinks. Why would a legit company do this? They wouldn't.

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[trustpilot](https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.meticore.com) shows only 2 reviews, but they are both 1 star

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Based on your description, I'm sure it's a scam. The only other items I've seen with similar paid search results were also listed as paid content on the APNews wire (pretty disappointed in them). I wish I could shed more light on how exactly they're accomplishing this dearth of negative information and legit reviews - hopefully someone else will know and be able to share.

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I purchased Meticore and took as recommended, but had side effects of immediate digestion issues. I reported it and requested refund which they are refusing to honor. I do not support this company or the product, as the customer service is not honoring their refund policy and the product did not work.

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I looked up the address on the bottle (ugh, don’t ask: it was a ‘gift’ from my mother). It lists as The Healthy Back Institute. The BBB has it listed as not accredited with a grade of D-. Apparently their miracle back pain medication didn’t work, and neither did their money back guarantee. Anyone else think it’s possible that Meticore is just repackaged back medicine? Seems on par with their other unscrupulousness.

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I stumbled upon the video pop up and started to watch it. I thought it was going to be like some exercise or something, but lo and behold they started mentioning ingredients and I knew it had to be fake. As a sucker for informercials I have fallen to buy those diet pills like carcinoma-something cambodia. With no luck. And then that NuLife pill that was supported by a well-known celeb “doctor” which gave me anxiety for some reason. And again gave me a refund but wanted ALL the bottles back. Even the one I had finished. WEIRD. I am upset because it’s always these cheesy videos and they hook you in by saying they’re gonna tell you soon or in the next couple of minutes. AND THE LIE THAT ITS ONLY LIKE A 2MIN VIDEO. ITS NOT. Mr.Todd Pittman, you are no better than all of those vultures who prey on us desperate people. We know it’s normally not a real thing, but they play on that hope that it is. It’s sick.

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Agreed. It took me ages even to find the original post of Patient\_Jacket's review! I have seen the clever marketing tactics online. I have seen the fake websites that sell the fake product. I even came across a video which I thought was promising talking about the 'scam' and pros and cons, but again, it was all about 'just make sure you buy from the official store and results vary for everyone'. Although I do believe the product itself exists, I absolutely cannot believe the integrity of the company as they seem to be removing/restricting genuine reviews from the web. If it's too hard to find genuine reviews about someone's product, simply put, you don't buy it.

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I hate my brain, cause I watched at least 15 minutes of that ad thinking it was the corniest commercial I’ve seen, like Tim and Eric levels of cringe, but I still wanted to buy it.

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I read one article that headlined “negative reviews” but it was crap. Hard sell stuff. No reviews at the end. It said there is no info about the actual manufacturer on the website but that’s ok. I don’t think so. SCAM

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I just saw this ad on my Facebook. Once I finally found the name of the product, I searched reviews. I had to scroll through 3+ pages to find this site! There's something ominous about a business who has such effective strategies, SEO, etc that they can flood google results so effectively. This should not be allowed or able to happen. I think that if Google was notified, an investigation would occur and this bullshit would be managed somehow.

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Holy shyt. They've got spammy subs ALL OVER Reddit, with empty comments and cheesy videos with this same ad trick about"scam", and then talk about the fake websites..WTF is going on with this ish??😳 I only stumbled on this crap because it popped up in my feed, and my fat arse has to snoop everything before buying. This shyt is legit FRIGHTENING in how actual reviews are buried! What kind of spider bot army do they have crawling the web?? Cambridge Analytica, is that your new gig? WTH ever this is, I'm not touching it with a ten foot pole!

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This was the first “real” review or conversation I found about this “miracle” product. I did click on the Facebook profiles claiming “amazing” results and every single one was fake. Each had 3-5 friends and were created in November of 2020. Another indicator that this product is 100% scam.

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Thanks for confirming my findings SCAM!

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Just watched the gotdamned video. I was really wishing it were true. I looked up for reviews before taking a bite and buying. But found none. I tried youtube for reviews and all was crappy advertising. Then i remembered to google for meticore reddit. This popped. Saved me some money on useless scam. Thanks!

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Update:. After several emails and the request to return the empty bottles and original purchase receipt, I did receive the refund. After 90 days, no weigh was lost.

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Wow, so grateful to find this post! I thought I was going nuts too! Found the same thing as others. No real credentials here except the experience of being the gullible one that gets sucked into the ads and then realizing by the end that things that seem to good to be true are and I'll never get my waisted time back lol. I went through honestly at least 15 pages of ads before I found this post and I didn't think it would be legit as I also saw an earlier one on reddit that was promoting these guys. Soooo weird, I agree. I checked it out for my stepdad and I'm not gonna lie, it would have been nice lol It's super disappointing to hear that the LORD's name is used several times to gain them trust from their believing audience as well. But, there were also a lot of inconsistencies with a Bible based faith in the presentation so that pretty much leads one to believe it's only for marketing purposes anyways. Thanks so much for giving some validation-I just wanted to find 1 person that also saw how crazy it was when even the posts about being a scam were pretty much the same info stated in the site and in the video and several links to the "real main site". Although I probably wouldn't understand how they're pulling this off technically I can appreciate the depth at which this is operating based on how at every turn, there they are again. Thanks again for your post, I truly hope it helps some people not get caught in their snare. 😁

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I feel like the biggest idiot ever. I watched the cheesy ad. I'm smarter than this! But I felt so desperate! I didn't research before buying. I barely looked it up and saw websotes and fb reviews but briefly looked at it. Right after ordering I looked more and more. And my heart dropped to my stomach. I had been scammed! I have the 3 bottles. Been taking once a day evry morning. I may not lose weight but if the ingredients in it are what they say they are I figured it couldnt hurt. I doubt ill get my $ back because I didnt keep a reciept I dont know if I even got one? And I hate sending stuff back. Especially to a scam company that probably wouldn't refund me anyways :( i just thought their ads were so cheesy because its so new. I've been duped. I could have spent that money on somthing more legit to help me lose weight or organic products from the store.

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Found the same thing. Very 'clever' marketing but frustrating. Would love to know if anyone has actually tried this? And what they found. Interestedto know if anyone actually got their money back.

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I have searched for hours for any negative or positive genuine review and there seem to be none at all. But some of the research articles are genuine. I hope it gets clearer as it looks so tempting!!!!

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Trying to make sense of this and just going deeper into a rabbit hole. Something smells very rotten about this

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If anyone gets to the bottom of it I'd be really i interested to hear the results too

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I noticed the same thing. I don't know whether the search engine is complicit or whether they have gamed the algorithm. I would not touch this product.

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Hi all, I have bought a 6 month supply of Meticore. I am only at day 3 of taking it but I plan to make myself a guinea pig. No side affects at all so far. I'm have had some weight loss but early days, so could be due to other causes as I've started walking in the last 4 days. I usually have about an 85% healthy diet. I guess I'll see how it goes.

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I ordered this morning and as I keep searching and digging online, I find less useful info. Below the Facebook ad, all the comments were so positive, but somehow none of them had mentioned anything about it being a capsule, and all referred to it as "this"! I really don't know what to trust. Even the YouTube videos are full of people saying the same stuff and asking everyone to buy from the original website! I am so confused now 😕

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Thanks for posting this!

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I am a diseased heart patient with a pacemaker, as a result of taking well advertised drug combination that only your doctor could prescribe. Approved by the FDA. BIG pharma made billions of dollars, until people started dropping dead. My friend had a heart attack stepping out of her shower at age 40. No heart problems diagnosed, but she was taking Phen-fen. I am one of the lucky ones, still alive years later. You wouldn’t like my life in bed. I am an RN. I knew secrets to weight loss was not in a bottle. This is a scam. The ingredients probably won’t hurt you (maybe, allegedly) but you won’t eat all you want, and drop weight like Todd and his wife did in this hour long advertisement. Don’t fall for it.

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I did the same thing , clicking on search engines only to be rerouted to the Meticore product sites. Bizarre. A lot of red flags. Don’t buy it! Is the best advice.

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Omg it took me forever to find this! Thank you! They are so good at flooding misinformation

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The same scammers are now peddling a similar scam under the name Exipure. Same exact m.o.

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Supplements won't make you lose weight, so don't waste your money. If something like this worked, then everyone in the US would be at a healthy weight. Instead of looking for a quick-fix solution, focus your research on CICO, healthy meals, and sustainable habits that will help you lose weight and keep it off. This sub is filled with lots of inspiring posts of people who have lost weight simply through eating better and exercising, and it really does work.

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I tried it. Did not work. I made no changes as I didn't want to "skew" the results. No weight loss. It's a scam. Which deep down I knew but was hoping that maybe someone found an alternative to good diet and exercise. Nope.

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Bullshit scam, seem to have completely corrupted any search results

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There appear to be different versions of Meticore available for purchase with various ingredients which raises some red flags. Some of these ingredients include [bitter orange (synephrine)](https://www.opss.org/article/synephrine-dietary-supplement-products), PEA, [yohimbe](https://www.opss.org/article/yohimbe-and-yohimbine-dietary-supplement-products), and [caffeine](https://www.opss.org/article/caffeine-performance). These ingredients can be dangerous when taken in substantial amounts, and may be more hazardous when used together. For more information on other stimulants which may be in weight loss dietary supplements, check out [this article](https://www.opss.org/article/stimulants-dietary-supplements) from OPSS!

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This is a sponsored review. Read the very bottom. There are affiliate links 🤦🤦🤦 I cannot find any reviews online of this shit that aren't sponsored. That's a huge red flag to me. These people have invested in a serious online presence campaign. It's actually sort of impressive lol Even their sponsored reviews are all over Reddit cause they knew we would come here. They seem to be one step ahead...

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I actually ordered mine from the official website and received the box within a week. You have to take it at the same time every single day and not miss a dose. I’ve lost 4 lbs in a week. I started it 7 days ago. I’m just trying to help people out and do more research on it myself. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about it so maybe it doesn’t work for everyone but I see results so far. Maybe it’s not from the meticore, who knows, but I’m def losing weight

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Meticore Reviews Reddit (Updated 2021) - Does Meticore Pills Work?    

# Meticore Real Reviews Meticore is a powerful metabolism support supplement that energizes the body internally and helps its users lose weight effectively. Its herbal blend of pure ingredients makes it completely safe and free from side effects. The herbs and plant extracts in this innovative supplement attack the root cause of slow digestion and ensure effective but long-lasting results. # METICORE: DOES IT WORK? OR IS JUST ANOTHER SUPPLEMENT SCAM? According to a team of leading researchers, as men and women age and add years of experience to their driving skills, their metabolism gradually deteriorates. This leads to the accumulation of stubborn fats in the belly region, thighs and arms. While it becomes easy to gain pounds of unwanted weight, losing them seems like an unavoidable and more complicated task. Due to the increasing weight, maintaining smooth and healthy skin and preventing inflammation in the joints becomes a difficult task to achieve. >**Meticore is one of those metabolism support supplements that works at the root of the problem responsible for problematic metabolism processes, i.e. low core body temperature. In a popular Meticore review, the author defines Meticore as a well-crafted supplement that harnesses the strength of all-natural ingredients to renew the body's digestive system, flush out unhealthy toxins, and ensure rapid weight loss.** [**>>>CLICK HERE TO ORDER METICORE FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE**](https://sites.google.com/view/buy-meticore/) # Meticore Reviews Reddit: Overview https://preview.redd.it/flq0yp84adu61.jpg?width=300&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=574ed7e7b8e9fce3d101efa7e46daed9247684b8 Interested men and women can dip into the supplement on the [Official Website HERE](https://sites.google.com/view/buy-meticore/)**.** Each capsule in the formula is loaded with pure, potent and premium nutrients that work synergistically to improve core body temperature. Therefore, the superior cellular activity and heat synthesis due to the supplement play a prominent role in burning additional calories. The Meticore supplement is created by a person who wants to receive practical suggestions on a dietary supplement to aid him in his weight loss efforts. On Meticore's official website, the lady declares herself a long-time researcher who has achieved her goal of a slim, slim body. Now, you are helping other like-minded women achieve their target body. In this in-depth review, you can learn everything about the formula, starting with its ingredients, how it works, benefits, weight loss potential, pros, cons, price, and availability. # How does Meticore supplement work and how is beneficial for customers? T are 5 different hormones that decide a person's ability to lose weight. After a certain age, the body begins to produce these hormones in insufficient amounts. In some cases, there is an overproduction of them. In both cases, the body's natural ability to lose weight is distributed. In other words, the phenomena of metabolism deteriorate. Meticore supplement can help its users to become slimmer and achieve a toned belly and shapely legs and arms. It is gaining popularity among people struggling with problems such as obesity, bad cholesterol, unstable mood, and exhaustion. >**This is probably because Meticore is a detox and weight loss supplement that also has anti-aging benefits. These weight loss pills require very little effort on the part of the user. The amazing supplement speeds up your body's internal metabolism so you can lose weight even overnight.** The ingredients are backed by science. They promote metabolic regeneration, burn unwanted stubborn fats at a rapid rate, and prevent excess fat accumulation. The supplement's manufacturers believe that low core body temperature levels play a vital role in unexplained weight gain. Low core body temperature slows down metabolic processes. When metabolism deteriorates, carbohydrates and fats take longer to leave the body. 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Each capsule of the supplement tries to improve metabolism by improving core body temperature.** * **- Users can easily introduce it into their daily lifestyle, without making strict changes to their diet or exercise schedule.** * **- The ingredients of the formula are well researched and mixed in a sterile, strict and orderly atmosphere.** * **- The creators of the supplement have launched it for ordinary people. This means that the prices are quite affordable. Users can order it from their homes without creating a heavy load in their pockets.** [**=>>>CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE**](https://sites.google.com/view/buy-meticore/) # METICORE INGREDIENTS LIST The ingredients can help detoxify toxic waste and harmful microbes from the colon area. Diet pills are mixed with one main motive to raise core body temperature and polish metabolic processes. The formula allows you to burn fat 24x7. This means that users can lose weight during the day and at night. 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Helps detoxify the colon and flush out harmful toxins. * Ginger is beneficial for metabolic, circulatory, and cognitive health. * Citrus bioflavonoids strengthen the immune system and respiratory tract. * Curcumin prevents insulin resistance, controls blood cholesterol and suppresses the growth of unwanted fatty tissues. # Meticore Amazon: How to avoid the scam? **Right now, there are numerous companies trying to take advantage of Meticore's popularity.** This has led to the emergence of hundreds of frauds and scams online. There are some listings on Amazon like 'Meticore Advanced Diet Pill for Weight Loss' and 'Meticore Metabolism Boost Supplement'. It is a sad matter that such listings are even allowed to exist. **Because the creators strictly sell Meticore only through the official website.** This leads to the conclusion that the listings are fraudulent or dubious. However, it is very easy to avoid such Meticore scams because the creators sell the original supplement only through the official website. # Is Meticore safe? The results mainly depend on how the human body responds to the ingredients of the supplement. Also, results may vary from person to person. Each ingredient is harvested from a pure source and intensive laboratory testing is performed. So far, we have not come across negative reviews about the supplement. However, we recommend that you seek an expert medical opinion if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the formula. # Where to buy Meticore weight loss pills? https://preview.redd.it/dea72uxx9du61.png?width=1600&format=png&auto=webp&s=b1f99de5669a16ed050c907efef1e23468cbb2b3 The only place to buy Meticore supplement is through the official website. Interested men and women may not find it at walmart, gnc, pharmacy, amazon or walgreens. 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Unlike other supplements that simply claim fast weight loss results, Meticore focuses on fighting obesity at its roots. Optimizes core body temperature, regulates metabolism and suppresses appetite.    

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Don't buy meticore without reading [this reddit Post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Meticore_reviews_/comments/pwbjm5/meticore_reviews_redditall_your_question_about/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)

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