I use it currently, and it's okay. The interface is fairly intuitive and it's web-based. So you can access it from just about anywhere. Be sure to find out exactly what you need though. A lot of the "add-ons" they sell are actually required to make the system work correctly. It's also something you would probably need to hire consultants to implement properly. I think it would also be difficult for the average user to maintain themselves if they needed to make changes to the system. I also feel like the report writer is a bit clunky.

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My client uses Sage Intacct and I hate it. It’s really very useless and non-intuitive. Even getting basic reports for financial reporting requires them to go back to their sales rep to get the system configured properly which costs them more money each time. Do not recommend at all.

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It’s quite basic and doesn’t handle 606 well. Report writer is very clunky. Lots of unintuitive nuances. Big learning curve. I miss netsuite.

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