Does anyone have experience with SendinBlue or MailJet?    

My company is evaluating potential email providers and these seem to be the only two that allow unlimited contacts and instead charge based on # of emails sent. We have a large list of customers (>250,000) but don't currently (or plan to) send large volumes of email (<500k/mo). Most of the traditional providers (Mailchimp, constant contact etc) are well over $1200/mo for our number of contacts, but it looks like SendinBlue and Mailjet would be \~$300/mo for as far as I can tell nearly the same features. Does anyone have experience with those providers? Are they generally responsive and does the product match their feature promises? We want to save money, but also don't want a terrible experience. Thanks!    

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I've had a great experience with Mailjet. Switched over from Mailchimp, and have no regrets.

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Hi, why don't you look into [Mail Blaze](https://www.mailblaze.com/?agentid=4E63)? We offer great support, even via chat on all packages.

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SIB products are great. Customer Service is evolving.

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Not experienced with those, but have you checked out u/omnisend (24-7 amazing support) and not so rigid

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Their customer service is shockingly bad. I'd avoid them at all costs.

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I use mailjet. It is OK, except their prices increased by 350%.

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