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Hi all, I'm looking to build an ecommerce store that accepts payments globally. I've previously used Shopify for a specific region and I've had a fantastic experience. However I'm finding it difficult to change currencies/geographies. Also reading that the geolocation app isn't very good? For me the benefit of using Shopify has been that I'm using a Shopify link, so no dependency on my own website. I've played with WooCommerce and I'm taking time to figure it out (non-tech person here) but it looks promising and it's been easier to work out geolocation and multiple currencies. I've integrated it into my WordPress website but am nervous about how much maintenance it's going to need. How often does one face issues, especially with conflicting plugins/upgrades etc.? Before I put more energy and effort into this, can you advise on what's a better option please? Has anyone tried both? Thanks in advance!    

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WooCommerce is not a "set it and forget it" solution. As for multiple currencies, each payment gateway will only accept one currency but there are plugins that will show products to customers in their preferred currency. When the transaction completes, WooCommerce and said plugins and payment gateway will help process the order in the currency of your place of business ( per the payment gateway configuration ). Here is a plugin to help change the currency on the product page. The exchange rate can be set up manually or automatically. The plugin can automatically get customer's geolocation and display the price in the customer country's currency. https://woocommerce.com/products/multi-currency/ Also, the price of plugins on WooCommerce.com is an annual subscription and includes support and updates for that plugin for a year. You don't have to renew each year and the plugin will continue to work. The price is for updates and support on WooCommerce.com should you have any trouble. Either way, this solution requires you to have a running WordPress website to host all the files. Hopefully we'll see a hosted solution in the future on WooCommerce.com similarly to what you get on Shopify.

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Woocommerce if you are a developer and know what you are doing. Shopify if you are not a developer.

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WooCommerce's customisation makes it #1. There are a number of good currency converters, WooCommerce Currency Switcher allows you to auto-switch currencies based on the visitor's location (IP address). Having a website means having issues to fix from time to time, but not often; as far as conflicting plugins, I find it rare but I always check any major updates on a staging site first.

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Hello u/theapin Hope your day going Good ! Shopify is having a great user experience and it is easy to control and manage for those who are not technically so much strong but the dashboard was great and all the things will be given a centralized system. but judging a Shopify for any apps basis is not a good idea so i am saying that please check some more applications and test the working functionalities But in wooommerce it takes superiority because the people add feature get customized any file structure and get the desired result where he wants the features but for managing a wordpress it is challenging and you have to need someone who can maintain your site and yes the wordpress provide fully customized platform where the user can add feature accordingly and also you can customized checkout page in woocommerce as compare to Shopify it does not allow to customized the checkout page ​ So Shopify also best at its place or wordpress also best at its and we are here to help you best so if you facing any problem regarding both we will help you or consult you for any either shopify / wordpress we will give you best Thanks & Regards

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WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which means it has endless customizations. You can choose: Payment Processors Page layouts Web Hosts Cart Abandonment recovery providers Email marketing providers Upsell techniques And a whole host of other things to a degree you can’t with Shopify. You can set up your ecommerce site exactly how you want it to look and work. In doing so you could spend a whole month on every detail. On the other hand, Shopify is plug, pick a theme and play. Everything just works and can be set up incredibly fast. Which is why Shopify is so popular with business owners and non technical dropshippers who simply don’t have the time. Is one better than the other? Yes. Which one however, depends on your highest priority needs.

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Both [Shopify and WooCommerce](https://www.kasareviews.com/woocommerce-vs-shopify-comparison/) are great e-commerce platforms. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages. I recommend that you choose Shopify if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box solution with a reliable support team. However, if you value customization, I suggest that you choose WooCommerce, as it enables you to customize your online shop in any way you want.

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WooCommerce and Shopify are two of the most widely used eCommerce tools. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, making it difficult to choose, especially for something as important as an eCommerce store, which will eventually become your most valuable digital asset if things go as planned. eCommerce usage distribution is among the top 1 million sites, according to BuiltWith. WooCommerce is the most popular option with 30%, followed by Shopify with 18%. This [blog post](https://devrims.com/blog/woocommerce-vs-shopify/) helped me know many differences between WooCommerce and Shopify, including support, dropshipping, add-ons, etc.

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Woocommerce is absolute garbage on the backend even if the front end turns out great (which takes a ton more effort) Shopify is made for commerce and has a ton more integrations and an overall better fulfilment process. Shopify 100%. Couldn’t be happier with switching.

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What makes Shopify worse for digital products? The product listing info literally has a box to check for if it’s a nonphysical item

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if you need something highly customized = Woocommerce If you need something simple and quick that can scale (without massive functionality updates just normal ecommerce) = Shopify

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Thank you that sums up, but what do you think about how Shopify handling digital products? That’s only my concern moving to Shopify cause I heard they are not good with digital products compared to Woo.

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Magento 2, nothing else then you can scale also

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I use Woo for everything, but I recommend Shopify. Woo can be problematic and costly, and nothing is standardized (because WP is open source). That said, why not Kartra or podium, or a purpose built platform for selling digital products? I’m curious if you looked at any of these options. Shopify can do anything you want. However, if you were using something like kartra you can have a WP front end and Kartra backend. Just food for thought.

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WooCommerce is the better choice, but you have to do many things by yourself or hire someone.

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You need something robust and that can scale for long term, then clearly shopify. It can handle the traffic, and generally works. Woocomerce has no benefits. If you think its cheaper you are forgeting to price in all the IT work required to set it up and maintain. Shopify can have some limitations, but is great to just test the market.

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I don't know WooCommerce well, but, Shopify handles most of them, if Shopify is not enough for your need, you can extend it by using one of more than 7k Shopify apps.

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